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What Do We Offer


Delegate STEEM POWER to The @upmewhale and Take Part in Mission of The Bidding Bot to Offer Better Service to The Users.

100% Return on Invest

The ROI.100% and be Paid Daily With The Total Profit of Our Bidding Bot Revenue.

SteemSchool Support

We are going to support steemit by giving free education to the new steemian and will help them to make some profit by upvotes according to there activities and there hardwork on the platform.

upmewhale Bot Parameter

Please understand the following Bot Parameters
  • 1. Maximum Post Age

    The Bot allow only post age 3.5 days maximum, other wise the bid will refunded.

  • 2. Minimum Bid

    The minimum Bid at the current time 3 SBD/STEEM, Amount less than 3 SBD/STEEM will be automatically refunded.

  • 3. Post Voting

    Currently the voting on the post is Enable.

  • 4. Bid for Vote

    Take part in the bidding each 2.4hr by sending the maximum suggested Bid shown on steembottraker.com.


    Delegated Steem Power


    Happy Investors


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    Calculate Revenue

    These Values Are Approximate & May Varies With STEEM & SBD-Price & Daily Bot Earning

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