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Delegate STEEM POWER to The @upmewhale and Take Part in Mission of The Bidding Bot to Offer Better Service to The Users.

100% Return on Invest

The ROI.100% and be Paid Daily With The Total Profit of Our Bidding Bot Revenue.

Gurantee Profitable Vote

coming soon.

upmewhale Bot Parameter

Please understand the following Bot Parameters
  • 1. Maximum Post Age

    The Bot allow only post age 3.5 days maximum, other wise the bid will refunded.

  • 2. Minimum Bid

    The minimum Bid at the current time 3 SBD/STEEM, Amount less than 3 SBD/STEEM will be automatically refunded.

  • 3. Post Voting

    Currently the voting on the post is Enable.

  • 4. Bid for Vote

    Take part in the bidding each 2.4hr by sending the maximum suggested Bid shown on steembottraker.com.


    Delegated Steem Power


    Happy Investors


    Bid-Bot Vote


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    Fix Profitable Vote()

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    Calculate Revenue

    These Values Are Approximate & May Varies With STEEM & SBD-Price & Daily Bot Earning

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